Each LIFE is full of Dreams • Moments • Energy • Desires • Relationships ALL of which are used to create UNIQUE STORIES!

All About The Story Maker


Storymaker stories can have a positive life-changing effect on the person at the centre of the story. Whether to make you happier, more open to change, to go on an adventure, bring more work-life-balance back into your life.

Personalised Short Stories

Looking for a personalised story, as a birthday gift or anniversary? We create stories that stir your soul. Lovely, from the heart stories for loved ones of any age.

What We Do

Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about – family or friends of all ages we offer: Short Unique Stories, Channelled Messages, Other writing requests.

Channelled Messages

Channeling is connecting to a frequency of consciousness and translating this energy into various forms of expression. The word says it all; channeling is opening a “channel” to a frequency, much as you do when you tune in to a television or radio station. The channelling can be expressed in thoughts, images, spoken or written words, sounds, sensations or knowing.Every channelled message is different.

What People Think of The Storymaker

The story that Susan wrote for me as a gift for my 10th birthday was brilliant!  The characters are all my best friends, and each one has something special or fun to do in the story.  The story is all about a special mission for me in China – I´m learning Chinese you see – and Ilove the way she mentions so many little details about my real life, my favourite food, games I play and more.  She also wrote a hilarious Christmas story… without knowing some of my family she got a good idea about their different personalities!!  We all had a good laugh with that!!
Special Mission to China Lloyd Edwards – aged 11
For my 80th birthday Susan made a proper BOOK to commemorate the occasion. She wrote the story of the amazing surprise party for 80 friends, and illustrated it with pages of photos. She showed my astonishment when I saw the extra guests.Twelve members of my family were flown in from the UK and the USA to be there for the occasion! I had no idea that this had been planned, so I spent the day with my jaw dropped, hugging and kissing everyone. What could be nicer as a momento – than Susan’s special book telling the story!  Thank you Susan. This was really special!
Val’s 80th Birthday Momento Val Reed, Spain
I just adore Sophia’s Story!!! Brilliant!!! You captured so much of her essence!! I am so pleased….beyond my expectations!! This book is a treasure that Sophia will cherish her whole life.
Sophia’s Story commissioned story for 4 year old grand-daughter of Lorraine di Giovanni, Los Angeles
Susan wrote/channelled a story both for my daughter and for myself. They are sweet inspiring stories that we both enjoy reading over and over. I highly recommend giving on of Susan’s stories as a special gift for someone or even for yourself.
Trine’s Channelled Story Trine C. Jensen — Success On My Own Terms, California, USA
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